Class Styles


Flow is our general flow class. It consists of a typical structure of warm up, vinyasa flow, breath awareness and meditation. Within these classes you will be offered the opportunity and invitation to take more advanced options.

Hatha Slow Flow

They are typically a much slower paced class giving you an opportunity to feel your breath, close your eyes and notice what you feel and need on the inside. Personal adjustments needed to drop inwards are encouraged in these classes.

These classes have a gentle coming back to self approach and a focus on self-love and appreciation.

These Classes are appropriate for all levels.

Grounded Flow is guided by the season. In these classes we look to Ayurveda (sister science of yoga) for inspiration to guide us.

Using ancient traditions of breath and movement to support ourselves through the changing environment. These classes are suitable for all abilities.

Sweat & Flow

Sweat and Flow

These classes will get your heart rate going.

Based on the Vinyasa style, these sessions work towards creating an internal heat to produce a light sweat aiming to detoxify the body.

You will be offered strong options and opportunity for self development within the asana practice. With a guided steady breath awareness Sweat and Flow can be a cardio work out.

Open to all students and all abilities.

The Complete Practice is a 75 minute class. This gives us an opportunity to dive a little deeper and feel a little more into our breath and our shapes. The class structure is mindfulness, vinyasa (slow flow and flow movement) Yin with meditation and breathing practices.

These classes are avail for all ages and abilities.

Yin and Meditation

Yin yoga is an invitation to turn inwards it creates an opportunity to release deep tension within the body. We activate this by creating shapes that target the connective tissue, each shape is held between 3-5min. Long deep breathes are often encouraged as we slowly and carefully start to release.

These classes will also either begin or end with a dedicated meditation.

Prenatal Yoga

Prenatal is exclusively offer to pregnant women. In these classes we explore modifications, movements and breathwork to support mother and baby. It is our intention to empower the mother to trust and embrace the pregnancy journey.

Pranayama + Yoga Nidra

Pranayama can be translated into ‘breath control’ and gives us the opportunity to actively shift the state of our nervous system.

In this class, we’ll use breathing techniques to focus the mind and balance the nervous system to prime us into a state ready to drift into Yoga Nidra.

Yoga Nidra is translated into ‘yogic sleep’ with awareness and is deeply restful. From the position of śavāsana, you’ll be guided through a specific form of meditation that brings you into deep relaxation (brain waves close to sleep) but with a thread of awareness so that you are consciously resting into a burdenless state.

Yoga Nidra is said to be 4 times more restful than deep sleep! It’s a powerful reset and enhances focus, our waking life and our attention of turning inwards, effortlessly.