What to expect from each of our classes.

Flow & Meditation is our general flow class. It consists of a typical structure of warm up, vinyasa flow, breath awareness and meditation. Within these classes you will be offered the opportunity and invitation to take more advanced options.


Slow Flow focuses on the connection of breath and body movement, building the foundations of asana (postures).

They are typically a much slower paced class giving you an opportunity to feel your breath, close your eyes and notice what you feel and need on the inside. Personal adjustments needed to drop inwards are encouraged in these classes.

These classes have a gentle coming back to self approach and a focus on self-love and appreciation.

These Classes are appropriate for all levels.

Yin is a great opportunity to balance out the yang of our modern lives. These classes primarily focus on seated or supine postures which are held for anywhere between 1-5mins.

The shapes target the connective tissue in the body and therefore require slow steady release.