Ashley Easteal

Ash is a sun chaser, outdoor explorer, tree lover and yogi. Her heart feels most full when she’s either on the mat, tramping in the forest or squeezing her niece and nephews.

Yoga has played a massive role in her life, not only as a teacher but also as an eternal student. Ash attributes her self-belief and love of self and others to this sacred practice, she is very grateful for its teachings and wishes to help others find this experience for themselves. She has developed a love for inversions (turning herself upside down) and this can often feature as part of the prep in her class plans.

When Ash is not on the mat, teaching or hanging out with family you’ll often find her cooking and getting cosy on the couch alongside her cats – sometimes even with a glass of red wine in hand.

Ash is a wonderful fun, energetic and compassionate teacher she offers a little strength and joy in life when we may need it most.