Jen Lowe

Jen Lowe

As the owner and holder of Shining Light Yoga its important to me that our studio is true in the traditional sense of the practice. Shining Light yoga is owned and ran by a yogi it is not a business but a shala.

I have been teaching yoga for over 8 years in and around Melbourne. However, I feel I started my yoga journey many years before. In my late teens I began to rock climb which was probably the most natural and exhilarating experience of my life. The focus and concentration was all about my ability and my connection to the rock. This was my first experience of meditation and building community. The brothers and sisters that I climbed with were wonderful people that had the same intention of focus and commitment.

In my early 20’s I started to travel, I left Australia on a 1 way ticket to London with a backpack filled with clothes and dreams, I had no idea when I was coming back or what was in store for me. Travel was an incredible opportunity to open my eyes to the world and its diversity. I made some wonderful life long friends and had some spectacular experiences. One of those was travelling in India for 6 months it was at this point I discovered asana (yoga). I practiced one class in Rishakesh and was hooked. I had never experienced such a deep connection to everything – my environment, my body and my breath, I felt of sense of oneness with the universe.

After travelling for around 3-4 years I returned to Australia.

A few years after that I meet a wonderful man and become a mother. I did not stay attached to the father of my son but our journey continues together as we co-parent (we do this very well together I say 😊) I strongly believe that a person is born into the time and experience that the universe decides….. our son chose us to be his parents!

So now I am a single parent with a wonderful son and a bag full of stories of my journeys, I sometimes bring these stories into my teaching in a way I hope helps others to grow.

Shining Light is a wonderful gift in my life and I hope to facilitate the space in a loving, warm, caring and yes sometimes challenging way. I love asana, meditation and pranayama (shapes and breath).