Amy Livingstone

Encouraged to practice mindfulness meditation as a child, Amy found yoga in her late teens and was immediately enamoured. Coming from a health, fitness and performing arts background, it was the bodymindspirit ‘union’ that kept drawing her back to the practice. Similar to her experiences with mindfulness meditation, yoga consistently and gently kept bringing her to her inner being, her true self.

After 15 years practicing yoga, she became chronically ill and unable to practice Hatha or Vinyasa Yoga. It was during this darkest period of her life that she found the healing practices of Yin and Restorative Yoga, these have now become her passion.

Amy’s interest in the energetic body, its impact on our brain and physical health, has guided her recent studies in the Chakra systems of Tantric Yoga.

This year she had the opportunity to assist in delivering of 50Hr Yin Yoga YTT at Grass Roots Yoga. She also holds an undergraduate degree in Arts, postgraduate degree in Business and is currently founding a wellbeing project to bring these ancient practices into our modern workplaces.

Amy teachers with a touch of compassion she approaches the practice and its movements with mindfulness of the mechanics of the body. She adopts a nurturing and almost motherly approach. Amy is kind hearted and very generous as a person and a teacher.