Giulia Jo

Life on this earth is transient and constantly evolving. However, there is a space of stillness and silence behind all of life’s fluctuations, a deep reserve of​ peace and energy that we draw upon when we practice Yoga.​

The primary intention of Giulia’s teachings is to access these spaces of​ stillness by synchronising breath and movement. She inspires to create a​ sense of openness and self-awareness. Her Slow Flow Vinyasa classes are a​ balanced fusion of pranayama, asana, mantra and meditation and are suitable​ for beginner and intermediate Yogi’s.​

Giulia was a devoted practitioner before travelling to Rishikesh, India and​ completing her 200hr Teacher Training. She is studying to be a Doctor of​ Traditional Chinese Medicine and often draws upon her knowledge of eastern​ philosophies in her teachings.