Julia Graziani

Julia’s passion for movement and the subtle body is undeniable. Developing over the years an impulse to practice strong yet creatively crafted Yoga, she fell involve with the free flow of Vinyasa. In 2015 she went from practicing to teaching, training in Vinyasa, Forrest, Yin, Thai Yoga Massage and in depth study of function anatomy. With a background of dance and movement coaching behind her, a love for creative exploration of movement, breath work and anatomical teachings are woven throughout her teachings. Julia encourages an intuitive practice, to move a little different, go a little deeper… to FEEL, to let go.

 “I wish to inspire students to feel into their bodies, discover the power of the breath and explore movement in a way, maybe they haven’t before, evoke thought. A celebratory practice of exploration and freedom that honours our body.”

When Julia is not teaching yoga, she is teaching dance, pilates, aerial yoga or doing one-to-one movement sessions. You may even see her covered in feathers and sequins on stage being lover and performer of Burlesque, an advocate for positive body image and self love.