Tegan Bethune

Tegan was originally drawn to yoga for its ability to increase her sense of wellbeing in a deep and holistic way. Over the years, the desire to be able to share these benefits with others evolved, and Tegan became a qualified yoga teacher at Frog Lotus Yoga International, Spain, in 2015.

In her classes, Tegan encourages mindfulness and presence through focus on the breath and the sensations in the body. Whether in a dynamic Vinyasa class or slow and quiet Yin, Tegan believes that by tuning in to the rhythm of our breath and our physical sensations we can cultivate not only presence, but also a kinder and more accepting state of awareness—towards ourselves, and others.

Tegan also encourages safe alignment and working with your body at whatever level it is at. She often provides several options in her classes, including ways to either challenge your body further or to add a more restorative element to your practice.