Tony O’Loughlin

Whether its Vinyasa, Hatha, Yin, Meditation or Pranayama, Tony teaches with an emphasis on tuning into the internal conversations of your body (what’s happening underneath) to bring attentiveness and care to your whole self.


After experiencing adrenal fatigue from chronic stress some years ago, Tony was particularly drawn to Yin yoga and the subtle art of slowing down. He realised that the modern yang way of living required more gentle practices of lovingkindness (Maitri or Metta) to bring evenness and stability.


Tony guides you through movement, breath and stillness to help you develop awareness, build inner strength and create space to be more balanced on and off the mat. He encourages a sense of curiosity to connect with your inner wisdom and to live from this place. Through somatic sensing, opening up and releasing Tony holds a supportive and nurturing space to allow all that you experience to flow.